Statoil concentrates operations in Brazil

The Norwegian multinational Statoil considers Brazil as one of the featured markets in its portfolio in recent years, due to the high productivity in the field of Pilgrim, which in August 2015 reached the mark of 100 million barrels produced since the start of the Norwegian operation in the area. But with the purchase of Carcará, for $2.5 billion, the Nordic state stepped more firmly in Brazilian territory and now see a future of significant presence around here for years to come.

The President of Statoil in Brazil, Päl Eitrheim praised the changes that are being made on the domestic market, as the end of the operation only in the pre-salt-sanctioned last week – the weather forecast extension of Repetro and new auctions in 2017, noting that he believes the measures as a way to make the business environment more flexible and competitive in Brazil , considered a strategic region for the company.


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