Supreme Court postpones judgment of oil royalties

Through President Dias Toffoli and Minister Carmen Lucia, the Supreme Court (STF) decided to postpone to April 2020 the trial how the division of oil royalties between producers should be and not Producers.

The process was scheduled for November 20, but was postponed by the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel to try an agreement between the states. For him, if the law comes back into force, there will be a “break” of the state that is already in a difficult fiscal situation.

The case began in 2012, when former President Dilma Roussef sanctioned a law that increased resources for non-producing states and reduced producers’ earnings. The states of Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and São Paulo, as well as some entities tried to bring down the norm. It was then that in 2013, Minister Carmen Lucia analyzed the case and suspended the validity of the division. 


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