STF defines target of US $45 bi of Petrobras assets

On Wednesday, 5, the ministers of the Supreme Court should set the fate of US $45 billion in Petrobras ' business. The value relates to millions of state commissions to be paid to banks and that can be lost if the company is imposed to sell its assets through bids.

The amount that is at stake is divided between US $30 billion originating from Petrobras ' deinvestment plan and US $15 billion in the sale of oil stocks that are under the control of BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social development) and Caixa Economica Federal.

The session should also define the embarrassing sale of the TAG (associated carrier of GAS S.A.) to and French Engie and the Canadian fund Caisse, for US $8.6 billion. The negotiations had been suspended by an inliminary issued by the STF minister, Edson Fachin.

Besides the TAG, Petrobras aims at the disinvestment of other assets, such as the eight refineries, Liquigás, Gaspetro and reduction of participation in BR Distribuidora, from the current 70% to less than 50%.

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