STF will judge Petrobras ' disinvestments

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) will judge on Thursday, 30, two actions to define the progress of the privatizations program of the federal government that have the potential to treat sales of US $32.3 billion in Petrobras assets, which include BR Distribuidora, Liquigás, Gaspetro and eight refineries of the state.

In the first action, the ministers will define whether to keep the inlimination granted by Ricardo Lewandowski in June last year, which determines that the privatization of State is carried out by the approval of the Congress. In the second case, the plenary will judge the decision of Minister Edson Fachin, made on Monday (27), which suspended the sale of 90% of the shares of the associated carrier of gas S.A. (TAG), a subsidiary of Petrobras.

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