STJ suspends inliminary shielding energy generators from hydrological risk

On Monday, 22 October, the President of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), João Otávio de Noronha, suspended the inlimination of the Federal Regional Court of the 1st region (TRF-1), which protected the energy generators from the hydrological risk in the liquidation of the market, the The National Electricity Agency (ANEEL) request.

Aneel argued that the subsistence of the TRF-1 decision would remove the money that was to be distributed to the power generators. The Agency presented that the support of the inliminary would cause the other agents of the market for energy sources an expense of R $3.8 billion. The decision is beneficial for companies linked to the Brazilian Association of Independent Electric Energy producers (apine).

The impasse of hydrological risks has existed since 2015, due to the lack of rainfall, which led the energy generators to decrease their production. With this, they started to buy energy from other distributors to achieve the goals of production and delivery of energy.

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