Strike: Petrobras withdraws vacation from some employees

Petrobras employees with vacations scheduled for the first half of March, which work in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas, refineries, gas treatment units, thermoelectric and administrative must have their days off canceled. This is because, according to the state, the company is trying to ensure the normality of its operations in this period of strike of oil tankers. 

A text has been released to employees in the internal communication network, which informs that the company “will evaluate the critical positions in which the suspension is necessary and communicate to each employee”, also assigning the responsibility of the suspension to the unions who lead the standstill.

The oil tanker strike, led by the Single Federation of Oil Tankers (FUP), has lasted 17 days and is being made due to the dismissal of at least 396 employees of nitrogenados araucaria (Ansa), paraná. The trade union body also alleges that the state did not comply with some points of the collective agreement.


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