Study points to low average fuel price

The month of May had a strong drop in the average price of different types of fuels, according to the Ticket Log Price Index (IPTL). The from R$ 3.45 to R$ 3.20 in May, down 7.1%, while gasoline, previously found for R$ 4.25, recorded in the last month the average of R$ 4.05, a 6% drop.

The northern region of the country concentrated the highest average sold at R$ 4.09. In turn, the cheapest liter was registered in Amapá, for R$ 3.34. The Midwest, on the other hand, had the most brazil, with an average of R$ 2.83, a decrease of 7.4% compared to April.

In the Northeast, the drop was in all fuels, with 7.5% decline in diesel. This one, by the way, had the liter sold at the average price of R$ 3.21. Meanwhile, gasoline was sold to lowest price in the South region, with an average of R$ 3.76, down 5.38% compared to April.

Finally, the Southeast region also experienced a decline in the price of of all types of fuel at the end of the month. Gasoline, sold r$ 4.30 in April, fell 5.2% and was sold at R$ 4.07 in May. Already ethanol showed a more significant decline – of 6.42%, and it was found that r$ 3.03 compared to R$ 3.23 in April. Common diesel and S-10 diesel maintained the bearish behavior and were found at R$ 3.09 and R$ 3.17, Respectively.


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