Recent study highlights the relevance of the oil sector

One of the largest professional service companies in the world, EY, and the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (IBP) have released a study, named as the relevance of petroleum for Brazil, which proves the greatness of the petroleum industry in The country and the amount of investment opportunities the sector can generate for the economy.

The material shows the abundance of oil and gas reserves in the country, which guarantees third place in the ranking of the main economic activities and the fourth in the export sector.

It is known that until the discovery of the first reserves, Brazil remained dependent on multinational private companies, which exploited the natural resource. Today, in addition to having a great presence in the daily lives of people, oil serves several sectors and transport networks.

In this way, the branch feeds the main energy matrices and tends to grow increasingly in the country, since despite the great development that the sector already presents, most of the territory has not been studied – only 7% of the sedimentary basins area are under concession – which generates great expectations for the Brazilian industry.

The study is available for download and can be accessed here: the relevance of oil and gas to Brazil

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