Allowance for diesel also Vale for importer, says Guardia

Subsidy was granted by the Government in agreement with truckers. Fuel importer asked the STF to also benefit from the measure

The Minister of Finance, Eduardo Guardia, said on Thursday (7) that the subsidy programme that guarantees R $0.30 reduction in the price of the litre of diesel by the end of this year also goes for importers.

On Wednesday, Brazil China Importer and Distributor (BCI) entered into action in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to ask the government to grant fuel-importing companies R $0.30 per liter of diesel even if they do not comply with the Reference price, as well as granted the benefit to Petrobras.

Last week, to curb the truckers strike that led to a dissupply crisis in the country, the government proposed allowance of 0.30 cents per liter and tax reduction of r $0.16 per litre, generating total discount of R $0.46 per liter of diesel in the pump.

"There is a problem of information. We were very clear in saying that this R $0.30 subsidy programme reaches local producers and importers (…) It is clear that there is no distinction between the location and the importer. There is no distortion in the competitive dynamics of this market, "said Eduardo Guardia to journalists.

Questioned about the public consultation opened by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) on the frequency of readjustments of fuels, including gasoline, the Minister stated that the Agency's attitude is "absolutely correct".

"There is a public and notorious debate on this issue of the periodicity of readjustment. ANP, as a regulatory agent of this market, has to express itself. There's no government intervention. It is an initiative of the ANP that I find quite adequate, "he added.

Source: Globe, G1


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