Solar energy subsidy makes electricity bill more expensive

A project that changes the rules for energy production in homes and businesses, through alternative sources such as solar energy, is awaiting a vote in the House of Representatives. The proposal aims to maintain subsidies, but may increase the light bill of the majority of consumers who are supplied by the traditional model. There is still no information on how much the increase, but experts say there will be high.

The controversial proposal has generated debates. While some argue that the subsidy is important, as solar energy generates other benefits and is beneficial to the environment, others claim that only 0.7% of consumers use this form of energy. Several experts believe that the cost of the incentive will be paid by other consumers, and therefore suggest other forms of financing.

It is worth remembering that, currently, the use of solar energy is done within a system called distributed generation (GD). In this system, the consumer generates his own alternative energy, through solar panels, for example, and what is left over is passed on to the public grid. That way, the consumer leaves with a benefit on their invoice.


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