Swedish ABB works in energy modernization to New York

The multinational of Swedish origin ABB completed the modernization of a substation in the city of New York, where several conventional pieces of power equipment have been replaced by digital technology, in collaboration with Con Edison power utility. The substation, which is among the largest of its kind in the United States, provides electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers in Lower Manhattan.

In 2012 the Manhattan region suffered significant damage due to Hurricane Sandy, which resulted in widespread power outages. Since then, they were made strong investments to conserve energy infrastructure and protect substations strengthening perimeter walls, gates and retaining walls.

According to ABB's information, the digital transformation of this substation and additional measures fortification against time will bring added strength to the network and improve the reliability of power supplies to consumers of Manhattan.

With these protective measures, is expected to improve the reliability of energy and reduce downtime. As part of the latest digital update made by ABB, 80% of the control of copper cabling has become obsolete and has been replaced by fiber optic cables.


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