Sweden has 1st Fuel museum in the world

(Bloomberg)–from the roar of a combustion engine to the feeling of filling a car that consumes a lot of fuel-these are immortalized experiences in the world’s first fossil fuels museum in Stockholm.

The shift to cleaner energy is underway in the transport sector, one of the main sources of carbon dioxide pollution that contributes to global warming.

The number of electric passenger cars nearly doubled to 2 million last year and will be responsible for 57% of global sales up to 2040, according to BloombergNEF.

Trucks, buses and ships are also increasingly drifting away from the use of fuels that have been the backbone of the global economy for centuries.

“At the fossil Fuels Museum, you will be able to experience the sounds, smells, culture and phenomena that will have disappeared,” said Susanna Hurtig, head of E-Mobility at Vattenfall, the Swedish company that had the idea.

The museum exhibits objects and informs about the use of fossil fuels from the 19th century to this day with a focus on transportation. It is housed in the Museum of photography in the Sodermalm area, and has free entrance.

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