Sulgás: Judge suspends BNDES bid

Federal Judge Ricardo Levy Martins, of the 16th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro, suspended bndes bidding to hire consultancies that would be responsible for modeling the privatization of Sulgás – a distributor of natural gas that serves Rio Grande do Sul.

Ricardo Levy accepted the request of the Union of Engineers of Rio Grande do Sul in popular action that questions the mode of bidding, which takes place by electronic trading session. In addition, it claims that the services contracted by BNDES are considered highly complex studies, not consisting of common services.

BNDES informed the decision to the participants of the competition on the last day 13. The bid was divided by the bank into two lots. Lot one provides for the contracting of economic and financial evaluation service and lot two, economic and financial evaluation and legal, accounting, technical-operational services, among others. 


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