Supercomputer enhances oil and gas exploration

Pangea III is a supercomputer that aims to increase the productivity of oil and gas exploration of the companies in the sector. With the promise of being the largest in the world, the equipment developed by IBM companies and Total Exploration contains 25 petaflops of processing and 50 petabytes of storage capacity.

To increase the productivity of the company, the supercomputer will be able to process data that equate to 130,000 laptops. In this way, Total Exploration will capture seismic images of the ground, in high resolution, of deeper layers of the earth. It is also possible to create reliable development and production models to reduce company costs.

The creation occupies the 11th position on the list of the fastest supercomputers in the world, behind only some machines used by governments and some universities. The equipment uses the IBP Power9, the same architecture responsible for equipping the world's fastest computer, the Summit, which has 200 petaflops.

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