Sustainability is the new focus of companies

Being sustainable before seemed a matter of choice. Over the years and with the alarming state of the planet, this situation has changed. Today, we can already see that offshore companies and investors, for example, can no longer ignore sustainability for the evolution of their business. Environmental, social and governance factors have become completely associated with a company's long-term growth potential.

Thus, sustainable investment is no longer a niche but a trend that is gaining dominance and should intensify due to social and demographic changes, increased regulations and the focus of government, and greater investor confidence.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released data that exposed the urgency of oil and gas companies to adhere to sustainable measures. Some companies, for example, are diversifying their energy operations to include renewable sources and other low-carbon technologies.

In addition, an essential task is to increase investment in fuels – such as hydrogen, biomethane and advanced biofuels – that can offer the benefits of the oil and gas energy system without net carbon emissions.


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