Sustainability gains space in companies

According to the President of the Sustainability Committee of Copagaz, the SIS-tool created by TBL Manager, allows the establishment of long-term goals and strategies

TBL Manager created the SIS-sustainability indicators system, with the objective of bringing to companies a tool that allows the efficient management of its sustainability aspects. The tool allows the creation or editing of indicators and performance forms, according to the needs and demands of companies, so that they can make the measurement of their data more effectively.

Copagaz, a Brazilian company specializing in the bottling and commercialization of LPG gas, bet on the SIS and invested in corporate sustainability. "From a performance focused on social responsibility and social projects, Copagaz knew, through its sustainability committee, to understand the demands of a modern economy and to insert the concepts of sustainability in its management," says Rafael Morales, director of TBL Manager.

This evolution occurred with the development of its first sustainability report, in the year 2006. The purpose of the reports is to point out business progress towards sustainability and also to present the initiatives and management processes for stakeholders.

The sustainability report, committed Copagaz in establishing greater management and control over its operational indicators. The information related to energy consumption, water, environmental investments among other information, which was previously monitored, had its scope covered by sustainability concepts.

Initially, this control was carried out in spreadsheets, managed by the 15 business units of the company, with indicators filled monthly and made available on the intranet.

From 2013 onwards, this control became more sophisticated through the SIS, which, according to Copagaz's sustainability coordinator, Lilian Estadella, brought greater agility and strengthened the company's management of these strategic indicators. "The management system, which can be accessed from any locality, allowed Copagaz to measure and monitor in real time its main sustainability indicators, ensuring agility in decision making and reducing costs. Indicators are monitored from different areas of the company, such as human resources, engineering and health and safety, "says Estadella.

"The continuous monitoring and monitoring of indicators, allows the establishment of goals and long-term strategies, identifying the impacts of the company's operation," says the president of the Sustainability Committee, Elizete Paes.

An example of real gain, from this monitoring, occurred in the engineering area. The most effective control of water, energy, accidents and emissions of CO ² ensured the identification of its nature and causes, allowing interventions by the management of Copagaz. The practical result of this control is the reduction in consumption and expenses related to these aspects.

This constant monitoring that the SIS offers allows, in addition to a sustainability report with accurate and traceable information, the exact measurement of the strategic indicators of Copagaz in its different units scattered throughout the territory Sustainability and corporate transparency aggregated the management and business of the company.

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