Oil tanker strike is temporarily suspended

The oil tanker strike, which began on February 1 of this year, was temporarily suspended today (20). The decision was from the Single Federation (FUP) and its 13 trade unions. In this way, it is possible to conducting mediation with Petrobras, proposed by the Minister of the Court of Justice Labor Superior (TST), Ives Gandra. The negotiation attempt will take place on the morning of next Friday (21).

In addition, an assembly run by each of the trade unions should happen today in order to define the relationship of trade unionists who will be part of mediation. According to Minister Gandra, the condition for the meeting between the FUP and the Petrobras board to take place would be the interruption of the stoppage. Last Wednesday (19), the strike of oil tankers completed 19 days – this being the largest movement in the class since 1995.

The oil tanker strike was mainly motivated by the dismissal of 396 direct and 600 indirect employees of nitrogen araucaria (Ansa) in Paraná.


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