Oil tankers take action to prevent mega-auction

Oil tankers met last Friday (30), in the Federal Court of São Paulo, to file a popular action asking for injunction for suspension of the megaauction of the surpluses of the onerous assignment, scheduled to happening on Wednesday (6), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The authors claim that the rules are harmful to public property and that there is a lack of legal provision for the new companies in the areas, transferred to Petrobras since 2010.

The injunction calls for suspension of the auction at risk of fine of R $ A million. The text of the action also calls for the declaration of illegality of the acts stipulated the auction rules, and annulment of the notice of the offer. The authors of the action claim that the mega-auction "will bring irreparable or difficult repair damage to public heritage."

The federal government will offer the right to produce volumes surpluses to the five billion barrels petrobras gained in exchange for the offer of shares to the Union in the capitalization, in a contract known as assignment Costly. According to projections from the ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Gas Natural and Biofuels), the expectation is that the auction will be the largest offer oil in the world, estimated at a collection value of about R$ 106 billion.


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