TCU has favorable position to the sale of refineries

Last Wednesday (29), the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) issued assent to the continuity of the process of sale of Petrobras refineries that is being questioned in the Supreme Court (STF) by the tables of The House and Senate. 

The legislative tables had requested, earlier this month, an injunction to the Supreme Court to prevent the sale by Petrobras of its refineries, citing the refining units of Bahia (Rlam) and Paraná (Repar) and claiming that the sale would go against an earlier decision of the court itself, according to which it is necessary congressional approval for the sale of assets of a parent company. However, in the document issued by the TCU there is no such obligation in the case of refining assets. 

As for the sale, Abu Dhabi Mubadala has already moved ahead of Essar in the dispute to buy Rlam and made the best offer in the binding phase, gaining the right to discuss exclusively the terms of the purchase agreement with Petrobras. Repar will be the next refinery of the state to receive bids.


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