Technologies put traction, abrasion-proof, fatigue

If the economic moment by which Brazil passes is not favourable, the companies have to reinvent for keeping business standing. In the second consecutive year of recession, what more if you see are industries in difficulties. Other, in against the flow tide of crisis, take the opportunity to reinvent yourself and seek alternatives that put back down the stream.

The Brazil COIM-Chimica Organica Industriale Milanese, are in the second group – of which found their way to overcome the crisis. The multinational, relatively new in the Brazilian market, with 20 years of experience, noted a steady growth in the last decade and an increase in its collection even more accentuated from 2013.

Good company phase culminated in investment in cutting-edge technology and equipment of laboratories in the order of $500,000. The latest pieces of this constant growth of COIM project are two reactors that have already had their purchases approved for the lines Glicexter and Imuthane-a contribution of $2 million and to begin to work in the first half of next year, doubling the current production capacity of the plant.

Allied to this, it is expected to become the quality control processes even more stringent, minimizing errors and crashes through the testing of increasingly assertive. The new machines will open other opportunities for work that will put the COIM on the front lines with items which until then could only be imported. In all, the amount for the realization of all that planning revolves around the U 2.5 milhões.

Competing in a highly segmented market and extremely sensitive to economic and political changes in the country, the numbers of COIM are even more expressive. Right next to achieve the leadership in the market for the production of polyurethane elastomers, the company has invested essentially in two complementary actions that have proven to work: technology and personalized service.

The innovation is part of the DNA of COIM. For this reason, technological advances and constant improvements of products and procedures put the company at the forefront of the industry: "we make in our portfolio the polyurethane elastomer, in spray form, that has a specific use in the mining and oil industries. Despite the low demand compared to the system, which is the traditional and encompasses the majority of our customers, we understand that we must be prepared for when the market back to react positively, "says Roberto Imai, business manager of COIM.

As a way to make the work even more efficient, COIM has invested in the rigging from his laboratory in vineyard. In addition to the traditional chemical tests, release of the products, the company purchased equipment to perform the physical measurement of elastomers: "we have high-tech tests traction, abrasion, fatigue and other features of our products. This ensures the quality to our buyer. We also identify Polyurethanes by infrared. Through the comparison of the information collected after measuring and registered in the database, we can recognize the specifications of the material at hand. This gives more clarity to the customer to buy and use the products in their designs, "explains Roberto.

In addition to already be established as reference in the chemical industry, COIM, also stands out as a company that respects its customers. Through the differentiated service and on-demand service, seeks to offer intelligent solutions to the most diverse markets that use products of the Imuthane line: "we seek to identify the needs and, in the process, learn from new applications, development of products and ways of working. Of agriculture to footwear, from mining to steel. The possibilities are endless. "

It is precisely this philosophy of service that drives the differential treatment and personalized COIM for with their customers. With a post-sale that seeks to give all the support, the company also strives to offer seminars and trainings to assist them. Events are held periodically. This type of action is unheard of in Brazil and has a very positive return. Since it was implemented last year, more than a hundred people followed this cycle of lectures. The training, conducted periodically in the headquarters of the Brazil and USA, COIM are offered at all levels of the customer, since the operator that processes the products Imuthane to the managers and directors.

Product care extends from the sale to the final consumer and is reflected in the breadth of COIM, which includes the whole cycle: "all our customers are special. Even serve the customers of our customers, when they have problems. An example of the recognition is the invitation received from the Vale/MG, every year, to teach a course of polyurethane focused on typical applications in mining as well as improve the knowledge of its technicians and managers in new applications.

Is the result of an excellent relationship although not direct supplier. We're happy, as this also contributes to the improvement of performance of our products. Our idea is to show to the entire chain that can always help COIM somehow ", explains Roberto.

About COIM

The COIM (Chimica Organica Industriale Milanese) is an Italian company specialised in polycondensation (Esther), polyaddition (Polyurethanes) and large manufacturer of specialty chemicals. Founded in 1962, in Milan, the company was the first in Italy to produce organic peroxides. Today, the multinational operates in all countries developing solutions on demand and quality services for the most important groups in the world. It has factories in Italy, Brazil, United States, India and Singapore, in addition to the research centers in Italy, France, England, Germany and Brazil.

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