4d technology helps in monitoring offshore fields

Oil and gas extraction is an extremely complex activity that relies on large technological and machinery investments to avoid waste of time and resources. Oil exploration companies come to invest increasingly in monitoring and in the characterization of reservoirs in order to reduce uncertainties in the process, especially at the beginning of the operation of the wells.

In the last 30 years, the Brazilians got big drilling monitoring technological advances, ranging from previous tests, mathematical analysis, to the use of State-of-the-art software (in clouds), for there to be success in the operation. And for better monitoring of the fields was implemented the steps of modeling and simulation in the exploration of new wells.

To get a prediction of the behavior of the reservoirs of oil and gas exploration companies have used the simulation tool for mathematical modeling. The Queiroz Galvão, for example, is one of the major investors in cutting-edge technology and uses the 3D simulation technology to study and evaluate the performance of a reservoir over time under the most varied scenarios and situations.

Through 3d simulation It is possible to obtain data from geology, geophysics, rock and fluid properties, location of wells, elevation methods and operating conditions of production facilities. With more detailed information, it is possible that there is a better monitored production. The company keeps updated about new technologies for exploration and the use of the news search (4 d) to show the best way and exploration of the ' black gold '.

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