Technology and energy consumption in large companies

Aware of its impact on the environment by the high energy consumption in their activities, most of the large energy companies technology are calculating renewable energy use targets, which includes offshore companies. Thus, these organizations have been responsible for more than half of the total renewable energy purchase contracts in recent years Years.

 According to a study by the International Energy Agency (IEA), data centers around the world have consumed about 194 terawatt-hours (TWh), approximately 0.9% of global consumption in the 2014. Meanwhile, for example, data network consumed 185 TWh (about 65% by wireless network), a number that can still expand to 320 TWh by 2021. This is because, in general, wireless communication is more expensive in electrical terms than wired communication. By analyzing the data, you can to think how much energy could have been saved in these data centers, consumption was made by a sustainable means.

Thus, knowing the importance of technology today and its relationship with energy, we conclude that it becomes unfeasible not to use it, but that it is already possible to consume technology and energy in a more responsible way sustainable development.


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