Offshore technology grows and boosts industry

In fact, technology has become today a tool indispensable in the production process of various areas, and is no different for the offshore segment. Year after year expanding around the world, the sector has attracted investors and offered new job opportunities, a factor that has a relationship with technological innovations.

An example of this was the latest edition of OTC Brazil, which happened in October of this year. With three-day programming, the event brought together professionals and energy leaders to discuss technologies and knowledge of the Sector. On the last day, the theme was "Digital Transformation" and multinational companies talked about their projects and results. As well as oil exploration has advanced, the need for innovations in platforms, equipment protection, drilling and monitoring has also been emerging, and it is at this point that the technology enters.

Drones, for example, came as a great facilitator, as reach places that are difficult to access that would pose risks to technical professionals in the sector. Thus, various activities, such as inspection of oil fields, can be performed more easily and safely. The use of these technologies also ends up requiring skilled labor, which contributes to the specialization of these professionals.


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