Technology increases productivity of cargo agents in 35%

"Innovation": this is what foreign trade professionals are doing to aggregate real benefits for their businesses and make them more competitive. And innovation is not just philosophy or new products. Do things differently, with more simplified procedures and facilitated innovation, and also in practice.

Currently, there are several types of technology that can facilitate import and export procedures and the software for foreign trade with Automation in process management is like a one-way street: companies, public bodies and professionals who do not adapt or can't use with excellence these new tools put on the table, will be obsolete and lose ground.

A survey by the IEDI – Instituto de Estudos Industrial development revealed that 58% of the companies interviewed consider technological innovation crucial to the current market strategy. And the most interesting of this research is when companies spoke about the future: asked about the importance of technology in a 10-year projection, 80% of companies stated that innovation will be decisive in your future market strategy.

On the innovation of foreign trade companies ' infrastructure is critical to the speed increase in import and export processes. Serve customers within the deadline (or even before the deadline) is one of the features most appreciated on the market. "This can be facilitated through process management software," explains Paula Daedalus, and Mix, a company specialized in creating software for comex. "Automation mechanisms let the whole process very clear to employees, you already know where to direct your attention and what are the next steps of your work".

"Planning for import and export is also facilitated by information technology, because when scanning the processes, it is much easier to know what the status and thus perform predictions, know when and where to intervene and to think in short, medium and long term," adds Paula. So your company becomes more intelligent and the whole system flows more easily.

In addition to agility and intelligence, innovative technologies facilitate also the search for the quality of the services provided.

The results accompanied by e. Mix show that companies that use automation systems increase, on average, 35% of your productivity. "With the software for foreign trade in full use, developers have a chance to devote your energy and attention to the" real "processes of everyday life, as the search for solutions, customer service, and others – rather than waste time performing tasks merely bureaucratic," she adds.

Innovating processes of foreign trade one of the things that help optimize the resources is reducing the use of paper. This same. Leaving everything online, the environmental issue wins the number of prints and reprints needed drastically reduces.

Not to mention the Organization of space: "with more digital processes you will spend less space with files and offices can reduce costs with huge areas to archive documents," says Paula.

The adoption of innovations by companies in the sector of foreign trade can also aggregate quality of life for employees. "Imagine that, in addition to work and focus on activities most relevant to the everyday life of the company, its employees will be more motivated and have time to enjoy family and friends with lots of energy!" says Vijay Lourençon, e. Mix – smart services in foreign trade.

To use the software for foreign trade companies have in their hands a treasure of inestimable value: data about yourself. Numbers of attendances, processes that had to be redone, clients, demands and other information is available one click be studied, analyzed and compared.

When you create charts and reports you can plan a strategy to improve their business, fix tasks that generate lag, eliminate unnecessary steps and maybe thinking about new solutions.

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