Cloud technology optimizes resources in the offshore sector

The technology and the offshore sector are closely linked. Oil exploration in deep waters, as well as the discovery of new fields in sea or land, was only possible with technological advances and the use of new equipment that have emerged over time. With the constant growth of the oil and gas market in the world, organizations realized the need to deploy operating systems that offer more logistical control, efficiency and reduced production costs.

The oil and gas sector is at the forefront of technological innovation and high performance computing since the years 1980, and each year, invests more in solutions and technological innovations in order to generate incremental improvements in productivity and profitability. Between digital advances that have increased the efficiency of oil and gas industry is the cloud storage system.

Allocated in infrastructure cloud can add more value and organisations offer more agility in service management and asset monitoring as platforms, ships and oil fields. The elasticity of cloud computing automates and streamlines processes, in addition to promoting more rapid response between units. To go to cloud computing, the companies manage to overcome typical problems of business, as the distances between the units and the need to share information in real time.

Companies like Brasoftware, Sapiensia technology, FTI Consulting, T2T technology, offer products and solutions to big oil and shipbuilding and offshore companies, as a way to expand their resources and reduce costs. Cloud services are here to stay, especially in the offshore sector, which is an area that requires a range of logistical actions.

To give an idea, the area of engineering, for example, requires complex processing that require computing power, due to the range of information generated from various physical locations that need to be centralized and made available in real time. To store them in a cloud software, such as "Microsoft Azure", communication costs, cabling and drastically reduce physical datacenters, as well as generate value and promote more logistical control businesses.


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