"Reckless", says Rodrigo Maia on privatizing Petrobras

The President of the House of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), said that it is “reckless” to speak in the hypothesis of privatizing Petrobras until 2022, because it is a publicly traded company. “I’ve been with the government all morning and have not told me anything about privatizing Petrobras,” said the parliamentary, after attending an event in São Paulo.

“Speaking in the hypothesis of privatizing a publicly traded company does not seem the right way. You mess with the value of an action without informing your shareholders and society as a whole that you intend to do that, “he said. “In the case of Eletrobras this was done, so I am able to speak,” said the president of the mayor, for whom the correct, at this time, is to focus on the privatization of the electric Power company.

For Maia, talking about any other company that has a listed action, other than Eletrobras, “seems an unnecessary risk on the part of those who have vocalized this topic.”

In relation to Eletrobras, the parliamentary stressed that, according to the government, the company lost the ability to invest, because it needs to make investments of R $16 billion and only has invested R $3 billion. “Being true, and I believe it is, who loses are Brazilians,” Maia said.

In Maia’s evaluation, the government now has to show parliamentarians that the company does not generate a box, because Congress needs an argument. “Now we need to convince 257 deputies, I mean, 256, because I do not vote,” said the parliamentarian, in reference to the simple majority needed to approve the issue.

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