High price oil trends in 2018

The passage to 2018 showed in the London and New York stock exchanges that black gold is still the master spring of world capitalism. The Brent oil was quoted in the London market at US $67,59, while in the WTI (NY-USA), arrived at US $62.14. The 21st century is still debating the current of its main industry, that of oil.

In previous years there were cycles in the price fluctuation of the oil barrel, and the market like that of Brazil, mirrored in the reheating from the sale of the assets of Petrobras, creating a blurred view that oil is of paramount importance to the producing nations and purchasers , where the price is shown in the curves of supply and demand, with other commodities, making the economy more complex in world geopolitical reality, logistical security and the cost of production, consolidating this capital for investments in international agreements that Guarantee greater profitability for the sector.

In 2016, the producing nations outside the organization of the oil-producing countries (OPEC) and those of this Organization, built strategic planning for the production reduction of the commodity, and they contemplated cuts of 1.2 million barrels per day, with price ranges.

The cuts and clippings of the holding were delimited in the month of November 2016, which gave a guarantee of a brief recovery for the following year. achieved the 115% of the objectives, were then renewed for this year (2018), maintaining the cutting of exploration and production. For the consumer countries the motto is to rectify the price recomposition, which perceives here in Brazil in the policy for the supply of gas and gas without subsidies promoted by the previous government, characterizing policy in the promotion of breach of agreements that change the chain of Costs-practices imposed by the US and the European Union also to Venezuela, Russia and Iran.

This evident capitalism already at the opening of the year with the London and new York handbags fixing the price of the oil barrel approaching the $70, shows that the action of the actors in this market have in their favor investment funds (the American pension funds are the most voracious atu Ando in Brazil), working on new production fronts, funding initiatives that overthrow Governments opposed to liberalization.

The world tends to US action, maintenance of low oil exploration and production by OPEC aiming to increase the press of the oil barrel, and China crosses the wall continuing with the purchase front of reserves, Wells and formalizing commissioned world agreements, ie , without any mistakes.

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