Test in the field of Mero accelerate deployment of four more productive system

In the last Wednesday (3), the long-term (TLD) test was carried out in the field of Mero, located in the Libra block, in the Santos basin. The results were of high quality, which would influence the accelerated implementation of four more definitive production systems in the Region. During the evaluation, the producer well interconnected to the platform reached the production of 58000 BPD.

Each system, which will be implemented in Libra, will have the ability to produce up to 180,000 barrels a day and contribute to the safe and efficient development of the upcoming offshore Projects. The pound block is one of the largest production projects in the oil sector and is one of the most productive regions in the Country.

The Bloc's consortium is divided between Petrobras and Shell state, Total, CNPC and CNOOC Limited. The advances show that the development of the areas can increase and consequently add a greater profit to the Country. Due to the entreguismo of the national heritage, recurring of the auctions, the value will be divided between the foreign companies.

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