Texaco has website regarding lubrication oils

For years working in the automotive market, the company has just launched a new project focused on optimizing sales of the points of sale of lubricating oils.

The idea is to assist entrepreneurs in the area through training content, management tips, marketing and business optimization.

Content for those who want to sell more

Through periodic postings, Texaco offers in its new blog content that meet the needs of those who own an oil exchange or AutoCenter (mechanical workshop) or similar ventures.

In the blog are addressed topics such as: Management of finances, collaborators, planning of physical space, among other topics, and aim to amplify the revenues of those who undertake in this segment.

A great example is the guide to success for automotive services, a completely free downloadable material that can help the entrepreneur differentiate the company from the competition, optimize financial management, disseminate his business on the Internet, among other Advantages.

Texaco believes that helping its partners solve problems and find ways to optimize processes is a good way to position themselves in the market.

"We seek to innovate. We realized that many people looked for answers and did not find them, either on the Internet, or in POS that sell our products. The initiative of the blog is to empower and boost retailers. Now there is a place where you can find and exchange information of common interest, "says Danilo Sad, Marketing Manager of Chevron Lubricants, owner of the Texaco brand.

In the blog, can also be found the entire range of products manufactured and sold by Texaco to supply the stock of stores in the automotive market.

To further study the sector and understand how to expand the profits of the business, the tip is to follow the blog posts of Texaco.


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