TGS to do 3D seismic research in Argentina

In the face of market recovery, TGS saw its profits quadruple in the third quarter of this year and decided to carry out a new multi-client 3D seismic research in Argentina.

The Shearwater GeoServices vessel must be placed by the company in order to carry out seismic research, which will cover around 7,300 km/2 in the Falklands basin. The project was to start in this room quarter and is expected to complete for the second quarter of 2020. Already the data should be made available in early 2021.

The new project receives financial support from the sector and has the interest of explorers in areas offered in the first round of the auction in Argentina, which occurred earlier this year. In addition, this is the most recent work of a series of TGS seismic in Latin America. Questioned on the issue, TGS President Kristian Johansen reported: “We will continue to to prioritize this high-potential region and we hope to play a role in dynamic in future developments.”


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