Thermoelectric in Porto do ACU will bring development to the region

The Porto do ACU, located in the municipality of São João da Barra, north of the state of Rio de Janeiro, will win its first thermoelectric plant. A subsidiary of Plumb Logistics, the Natural gas ACU finalized the contracting of the consortium Siemens and Andrade Gutierrez that will give progress to the GNA UTE plant I, with capacity to generate 1.3 gigawatt, potential to supply a city of 2 million inhabitants.

The venture that should start even in the first half of this year is part of the project ACU Gas Hub, which is already in development in the port complex of the ACU, and aims to build logistics solutions for receiving, processing, consumption and transportation of natural gas Produced in Campos and Santos basins, as well as importing and storing liquefied Natural gas (LNG).

The project was planned to be implemented in the state of Pernambuco, but after the Bob obtained acquisition, the company negotiated and managed to change the ownership and location of the plant. The new thermoelectric will further oxygenate the policy of economic development deployed in the municipality of São João da Barra by the mayor Carla Machado. The plant will also allow the opening of new job vacancies and more opportunities for the people of the region.

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