The value of security on offshore platforms

By dividing the attention to meet goals, deadlines and activities that require a lot of commitment and seriousness, offshore workers end up forgetting to work safely on platforms. However, the branch is one of the most risky and requires care.

First, it is necessary to do training on the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). On offshore platforms, safety goggles, boots, gloves, helmet and ear protector are part of the basic list of equipment, in addition to life jackets, respirator, hooded one-piece jumpsuit, face protectors, seat belts, soaking clothing, etc.

As work in the petrochemical industry involves highly flammable materials, which generate a high risk of fires, it is indispensable to adopt preventive measures, training and periodic recycling. In addition, on platforms, it is often necessary to use nuclear instruments, such as meters, that use radioactive sources, since the risk of irradiation and contamination can be great and requires extra care.

Due to the location, the solar incidence is very high, so use sunscreen to protect the skin and drink plenty of water in the work environment. Another important tip is not to use electronic equipment on platforms.

Generally, an accident or emergency can be resolved quickly if appropriate measures are carried out in the first moments or can be avoided by following safety standards. So it’s worth paying attention to these tips.


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