What is Distributed Generation?

In recent years, some changes in the rules of the gave a little more freedom to the consumer to choose from where comes to your electricity. Thus, several users became part of the Generation Distributed (GD), in which solar energy stands out.

Distributed Generation designates the electrical generation carried out together or close to the consumer, regardless of the power, technology and source of Energy. That is, the standards of this energy production allow the user to turn unconsumed energy into a credit to drop the electricity bill.

DG technologies have evolved to include smaller and smaller. GD includes: Co-generators, generators that use as a source of energy process combustible waste, emergency generators, generators for rush-hour operation, photovoltaic panels and small plants Hydroelectric Power Plants – SHP's.

GD has an advantage over the central generation as it saves investments in transmission and reduces losses in the sector, improving the stability of the electric power service.


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