Pipeline theft causes leakage near BR-101

In the early morning of the last Sunday (22/09), a theft in the Osduc pipeline of Transpetro caused an oil spill near BR-101, in the rural area of the municipality of Rio das Ostras (RJ). The company’s emergency teams were triggered and worked to minimize the impacts of the incident.

Night activities on the tracks, the strong smell of fuel in the area, the presence of cars, people with hoses and other equipment are among the suspicious movements.

Transpetro, which collaborates with the investigations of the authorities, reported that it is the victim of these crimes and cares about the safety of families, since this type of action can bring risks to the community such as fires, explosions and contaminations.

People who live near the premises can call the 168 number, which runs 24 hours a day and sends questions, suggestions and complaints.

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