Resources and costs in the offshore industry are reduced with it

With the rapid and growing expansion of the oil and gas industry, companies operating in the offshore sector have been forced to invest in the implementation of operational systems, products and technological services that offer efficiency, logistical control and cost reduction.

Among the many technologist systems that have been widely deployed by the oil industry is cloud computing. Offshore companies are constantly receiving new demands that often require greater expansion of their IT structure (information technology) and the elasticity of a cloud system, organizations can store data outside of a physical space, which offers greater Reach in exchange of information and cost reduction with cabling of equipment and datacenters.

In addition, because it is only necessary to access the Internet, it is much easier and more agile for professionals in the areas to be able to obtain information and resources from the company anywhere in the world, even if it is on a platform or tanker ship. Which reduces service costs and communication. By using cloud computing, companies can overcome typical business problems, such as distances between company units and the need to share information in real time.

Brasoftware, in partnership with Microsof, is a company that has been offering solutions in cloud technologies for national oil companies for thirty years that seek to optimize the IT services and provide more elasticity and logistical control to the company. According to André Oliveira, Brasoftware Service Manager, in the oil industry there is a gigantic need for resource management and data storage and migrating to the cloud system is something inevitable.

This is because, according to André, industry engineering has complex processing that demands a lot of computational power. "With information generated from various physical locations that need to be centralized and made available in real time, in addition to the growth of costs in maintaining physical datacents, the use of technologies such as those of Micosoft Azure, for example, promotes more audit control , faster, more efficient management and cost reduction. Linked to this, the model adds possibility of scalability and cancellation of services without burden, "says the service manager.

It seems that the oil and gas sector is increasingly moving towards modernization and optimization of resources and services, which will promote more effective performances of offshore companies. Continue to follow the Offshore Panorama and stay informed about everything in the market for oil, gas, energy, pre-salt, fuel, gasoline, Petrobras and Offshore, continue to accompany us. Remember, your business goes through here. Check out:


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