Toffoli marks oil royalties trial

On Tuesday (17), the president of the Supreme Court Federal (STF), Minister Dias Toffoli, marked the judgment of the actions that dealing with the redistribution of oil royalties for the 29 April 2020 from the plenary of the Court.

In March 2013, the injunction of Minister Carmen Lucia, prevented producing states, such as Rio de Janeiro, from losing revenue stemming from non-producing states. The case, which was scheduled to be tried in November 2019, was postponed and a law passed by Congress has reduced transfers to producing states and increased to the non-producers, leading the harmed to triggered the Supreme Court.

The so-called Royalty Act reduces the share of 20% to 20% of the compensation paid by the oil industry for states producers, who would also have only 20% of the special holdings (PEs), half of what they collect today.


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