Total has license for drilling rejected by Ibama

Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and renewable natural resources) rejected the application of the environmental license made by the French state-owned Total for marine drilling in the Fza-M-57, Fza-M-86, Fza-M-88, Fza-M-125 and Fza-M-127 blocks in Foz do Amazonas region, due to technical problems that were identified during the licensing process.

According to Suely Araújo, president of Ibama, the state's Individual Emergency Plan (PEI) is likely to leak oil in the biogenic reefs, corals of the Amazon, and affect the region's marine biodiversity.

The Institute ensured that it was open for conversations with the Total company to clarify all possible problems. This year, 24 licenses have been issued in the oil sector and permits for seismic activities. This measure carried out by Ibama favors the environment and natural resources.

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