Toyota forehead solar powered electric car

The automotive manufacturer Toyota is with an innovative design: The Automaer intends to create a vehicle that can run forever through solar energy.

The announcement was made by the Japanese company, who would already be intending to perform tests through a hybrid prototype of the Prius model. The initiative relies on the partnership of Sharp Corporation and the Japan Industrial Technology Development Organization.

“The advantage of the solar car is that although it cannot drive for a long range, it is independent of the loading facilities,” said Koji Makino, Toyota’s project manager, in an interview with Bloomberg, commenting on the advantage of the energy-powered cars Solar in relation to electric cars.

That is, while the fully electric cars would need to have a huge charging network in various locations, “solar” cars can count on uninterrupted loading anywhere.

There is still no information on the release of the model and on values, both in Japan and in other countries. Today, in Brazil, a Toyota Prius hybrid costs from R $128,530.

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