Garbage can become raw material for new biofuel

Biogas producers are debating the possibility of create a renewable fuel alternative from landfills and organic waste: biomethane. The proposal is driven by the the approval of the New Gas Market, which now depends on the National Congress, as well as the strengthening of the ESG agenda (Environmental Governance, Social and Corporate), in English).

All these events of 2021, added to the break of Petrobras' monopoly on gas pipelines, have created good expectations in the experts. It is worth remembering that the New Gas Law seeks to encourage the consumption of natural gas, which consequently should also boost biogas and biomethane generation projects.

The text is already approved in the Senate and will release biomethane access to the pipeline network – stimulating its regulation by states, which take care of the gas distribution policy. In addition, as biomethane will be produced through the treatment of biogas generated in landfills and sewage treatment plants (ETEs), the newly approved sanitation framework is also a favorable point for the development of the project.


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