Truckers support oil tanker strike and launch campaign

In a letter published on Sindipetro's website, the National Association of Autonomous Transporters in Brazil (ANTB) declared full support for the oil tanker strike and launched a campaign against fuel pricing policy imposed by the current government of Jair Bolsonaro and Petrobras. 

According to the president of the Association, José Roberto Stringasci, the policy, which requires that the price of fuels align with the international market, harms the Brazilian internal market: "this issue needs to be discussed with the whole society, which is affected in all sectors because of high fuel prices. And if we have oil and Petrobras, it is no longer possible to accept this improper charge in the pump."

On Monday (17), the oil tanker strike completes 17 days and already enters its third week, paralyzing more than 100 Petrobras units. Last week, the Single Federation of Oil Tankers (FUP) and the 13 affiliated unions pledged to stop the strike if Petrobras suspends layoffs at the Fafen fertilizer plant in Paraná, and further promotes changes in the oil tanker shift table . 


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