Trump continues arctic exploration process

Joe Biden will take over as U.S. President on January 20, 2021. However, while that day does not come, the current president, Donald Trump, follows with his projects. On Monday (16), the Trump administration invited oil companies to appoint territories for drilling proposals, while carrying out alaska's lease plan. 

Recently, the Bureau of Land Management reported the official opening of a 30-day period for indications and demonstrations on about 1.6 million acres (650,000 hectares) at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The goal is to explore an area long targeted by the oil industry, but advocated by environmentalists. Some major banks have announced that they will not finance projects in the reserve.

In August, environmentalists filed a lawsuit in the United States court challenging the Trump administration's proposal, claiming that the exploitation would irreparably harm a primitive wildlife site that houses migrating caribou and polar bears.


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