Trump wants to oil exploration in Alaska

Since assuming the Presidency of the United States, the North American Chairman Donald Trump's controversial choices with regard to the activities of exploration and production of oil, especially regarding issues of protection of the environment.

This time, Trump to allow the exploitation of "black gold" in a wildlife refuge in Alaska. Of the total, there are over 7 million hectares, protected since 1960. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the area should contain millions of barrels of oil.

If the measure carry on, the production of American oil would give a jump, and the same grew 10% from mid-2016 to 9,300,000 barrels per day. Will increase the production of oil in times of low prices of a barrel is a good strategy?

Meanwhile, as reported by the Offshore Panorama, the Organization of Petroleum producing countries (Opec) has been gathering more forces to decrease the overall production until March 2018. If decreases on one side and increases on the other? Yet the scale of oil still unregulated. Let's wait for the next chapters.

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