Truxt reaches 11.69% shareholding in PetroRio

Last Tuesday (24), the Brazilian oil company PetroRio announced, through a statement to the market, that the Rio de Janeiro management Truxt Investimentos reached a shareholding of 11.69% of the company's share capital.

According to the oil company, the company now owns 16,913,276 common shares issued by PetroRio. "Truxt does not aim to change the administrative structure of the oil company," the company said. 

Recently, PetroRio announced that it will buy a 35.7% stake in Block BM-C-30, known as Campo de Wahoo, and 60% in Block BM-C-32, itaipu field, of The British BP. The news cheered investors and the oil company's shares jumped 37.96% in the month.


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