Turkey occupies third place in clean energy in Europe

The President of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, said Turkey is the third in Europe in increasing the power installed in renewable energy.

Birol, in his speech offered in a panel organized by the STM ThinkTech, Turkey’s first technology-based thinking center, said China is now a leader in the renewable energy revolution that began first in Europe.

Birol expressed that Turkey occupies the third position in Europe in increasing the power installed in renewable energy over the last five years.

“Turkey is only behind Germany and the United Kingdom, it is ahead of Spain, France and other countries, who are very interested in this issue from the beginning. This is a very important success, but our power is extremely high, “he said.

Birol, indicating that 2018 is a year of gold for natural gas, added that the development of China, which accelerates this sector, originates in an attempt to reduce air pollution, especially in cities.

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