Two days after gas leakage, BR-101 is released

Two days after a natural gas leak that interdicted an excerpt of the BR-101, in São Miguel dos Campos, the highway was finally released for vehicle traffic on the night of this Tuesday (9).

According to the Federal Highway Police in Alagoas (PRF), the passage was totally released at 19h18.

Through a press release, Petrobras also reported in the second (8) that the gas leakage was identified during a production test at the natural gas Pit in São Miguel dos Campos on Sunday (7), and that the leak was controlled the following day. There were no casualties.

However, even with the controlled leakage, the interdiction was maintained. In the gas dispersion, clay was planted on the highway, and the track was still undergoing cleaning this morning.

Petrobras technicians traveled through the passage where the leak occurred to measure the amount of gas in the region and authorized the release.

During the period when the track was closed, drivers attempting to pass the BR-101 had to divert through the municipalities of Marechal Deodoro (AL-215) and Barra de São Miguel (AL-220).

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