U.S.: candidate wants to move away from oil industry

On Thursday (22), the Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, said during his debate with the current president, Donald Trump, that he intends to move away from the oil industry gradually. “I’m going to stop because the oil industry pollutes considerably,” insisted Biden, who also stressed that the area should be “replaced over time by renewable energy.”


Regarding the statement, Trump replied, “It’s an incredible statement.””It destroys the oil industry. Will he be remembered in Texas? Will it be remembered in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio?” asked the president, who later described his opponent’s environmental plan as an “economic disaster” for these states. Democrats “want to destroy buildings so they can reduce the size of windows,” he said. “If it depends on them, there won’t even be windows.”

The current president also accused wind power of being “extremely expensive” and “very intermittent,” and criticized his opponent’s hostility toward shale gas, an industry on which many jobs depend in Pennsylvania, a key state for which the two candidates fight fiercely. Biden responded that he does not intend to ban the development of gas, but to block the issuance of new permits on state-owned land.


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