U.S. adviser criticizes OPEC+

Jake Sullivan, the U.S. National Security Advisor, criticized OPEC+'s position on oil production. Jake criticized the group's decision that last July agreed to increase production to 400,000 bdp (barrels per day) monthly.

The advisor believes that in the middle of a moment of global economic recovery, the amount is not enough. He added that the increase in fuel costs puts the recovery in progress at risk. "While OPEC+ has recently decided to increase production, this will not erase the cuts that were imposed during the pandemic," he said.

The increase in covid-19 cases in some countries has caused many governments to strengthen some restrictive traffic measures, which directly impacts fuel decisions. However, Phil Flynn of Price Futures Group believes that the rise in oil prices is a sign that the delta variant is not so threatening to global demand, which reinforces expectations of full recovery.

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