One of Petrobras ' largest refineries will be stopped

The Bahia oil tankers ' Union (Sindipetro-BA) reported on its website that the refinery Landulpho Alves – Mataripe (Rlam), second largest in Brazil, should start its production stop next week. The charge cut of the U-32, the main refinery distillation unit, is scheduled for Tuesday, the 20th.

Located in Bahia's concave, Rlam has daily production of 323,000 barrels of derivatives and mainly serves the states of Bahia and Sergipe, in addition to other States in the north and northeast region. Some products are exported to the United States, Argentina and European countries.

According to the director of Sindipetro-BA Ivo Saraiva, however, the Unit would be working with only 51% of its capacity and no place to stock derivatives, so Petrobras decided to stop production.

"The minimum for the refinery to operate safely are 145,000 barrels daily and is almost getting there, because it has no more where to stock diesel, so they will stop, lost space for import," said Saraiva, who works at Rlam. He explains that since Petrobras began to apply price parity of its derivatives in relation to the international market has been losing ground for fuel importers, mainly diesel and gasoline.

According to Saraiva, in 2016 the Bahian derivatives market was attended by only 4% of the total consumed by import. In December 2017, this volume would be the corresponding 22% of the market. The Union convened the Assembly for the 20th day, the first day of the production stop, to decide what they could do about the refinery and demand more clarification from the company. It alerts you that usually the scheduled shutdowns occur every six years. In the case of Rlam, the last one was made only two years ago, the director said.

"It's not a normal shutdown, they've been reducing the processed load for two years here, never seen a company open market for its competitors," criticized Saraiva, referring to price parity with the international market that has been increasing the Imported volume. Source.


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