Understand the relationship between renewable energy and the Texas blackout

U.S. politicians have blamed the blackout in the state of Texas on wind and solar power. Millions of residents of the region have been without power since last week, because of the strong cold snap that has hit the U.S.

For Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, the disruption to both renewable energy systems would have caused the crisis. "Our wind and solar power systems have stopped, which has pushed Texas into the state of power outages," he said in an interview with Fox News TV.

However, experts say that the blackout in the U.S. state is a consequence of several other factors, and that renewable stenpower is not the main culprit for the scenario. That's because, according to data from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (Ercot), the agency responsible for managing electricity in the state, renewable wind and solar systems account for only a quarter of the state's power supply during the U.S. winter.

It is also worth mentioning that the rest of this energy supply comes from non-renewable sources, with natural gas and coal as main agents. Finally, Ercot said that only 13% of blackouts had been caused by failures in renewable energy systems in the last week – which goes against politicians' arguments.


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