Learn the differences between gas types

There are several types of gases in the world, whether the natural origin or those created by man. Even these gases are used for various purposes to the present day. Learn about some examples and understand better the features.

Methane gas is widely found in nature, as it is produced by the decomposition of organic materials. Colorless, odorless and less dense that air, it is the main component of natural gas – one of the main fuel options. It is also considered a greenhouse gas because if it leaks, absorbs heat from the sun and warms atmosphere

Butane gas is the well-known “kitchen gas”. He’s petroleum and used for cooking and in lighters. It is also mixed with propane gas and sold commercially as LPG (liquefied gas oil). In addition, butane is also used in vehicles and Heating.

Always spoken by the media, natural gas is a fuel used to heat buildings, cook food and even to help produce electricity. It consists of a mixture of gases that formed from organicburied in the soil. This gaseous fuel, after being treated and processed, has a large energy content, being quite used in industries for electricity generation. Gas also can be employed in environmental heating and domestic applications of residences, besides being a well-known fuel for cars adapted to receive it (CNG), replacing gasoline, alcohol or diesel.


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